Antipodes Soliciting Scholarly Essays

Antipodes seeks submissions! The Special Topics are encouraged by the posted deadline but can be submitted at any time. Other topics are also welcome.

Information for Submitting Critical Essays and Interviews to Antipodes:

All critical essays should be submitted through the website. Inquiries may be sent via email to Antipodes Editor Brenda Machosky at Essays should not exceed 7,000 words, must not be previously published, nor should they be submitted for publication elsewhere while being reviewed by the Antipodes editorial board or outside readers. With the exception of special issues, articles are not accepted for any specific issue; depending on circumstances, they will most likely appear within a year of acceptance. Essays must also conform to MLA style and American spelling and punctuation.

Any images or copyright material to appear in an essay must be obtained by the author before the article is submitted to Antipodes. The editors will take no responsibility for such material. In addition, any permissions required by changes in text or presentation, or added images requested by the editors, must be obtained by the author.

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