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Current Issue: Vol. 36, No. 1, June 2022

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Previous Issue: 35.1 & 2

Although behind schedule, Antipodes encourages the submission of scholarly essays on a wide range of literary and cultural works with a connection to Australia and/or Aotearoa New Zealand. The journal continues to publish its unique blend of scholarly work with new creative prose and poetry, a combination that is core to the identity and reputation of Antipodes.
The journal needs to balance its submissions as it works to get on schedule. Please note the following:
  • Scholarly essays can be submitted at any time.
  • Poetry submissions are closed until 30 January 2024.
  • Creative prose (fiction, non-fiction, memoir) are being accepted.
  • Unsolicited book reviews are not accepted; however, persons interested in writing reviews should complete this form:
  • Proposals for special topics can be sent to the editor at
The most recent published issue is now available online and will soon be delivered in print to subscribers.
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