Antipodes 33.2 - available now

The latest issue features a special section on Southeast Asia in the Antipodes with guest editors Weihsin Gui and Narumi Naruse, the new section "From All Over About Down Under," and an interview with Elizabeth Webby, along with original creative works, essays and reviews. Available on JStor and Project Muse, with digital and mailed subscriptions on the way to you soon.

Antipodes is actively soliciting essays, creative prose, and poetry for future issues on any topic related to literature, culture or media in Australia and/or Aotearoa/New Zealand. Contact the reviews editor if interested in contributing book reviews:

Short contributions about events in and/or about the literary or arts scene in Australia or Aotearoa/New Zealand for the new journal section, "From All Over About Down Under" should be sent directly to the editor at .

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